Outline, outlined

I mentioned before that I finished the character beat outline, and I hoped my next post would be me Arwinning the final outline. Well, it’s the next-next post, but that’s fine. Since then I have done ALL THE OUTLINES and am finally ready to write. In fact, I have been writing all of April. Well…re-writing … More Outline, outlined

Time change drain

I’ve had a really hard time since losing an hour. Haven’t slept well, haven’t been able to do much more than the 40 hour work week and play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Waking up in just enough time to get ready – maybe five to ten minutes of working on my outline, each day. So not … More Time change drain

Tanka time

If you followed my other blog, you know I wrote a bunch of tankas. Tankas are like haikus, but longer. Instead of 5-7-5, it’s 5-7-5-7-7. I enjoy writing with such strict boundaries – it makes me really think about word choice and sentence structure. I miss writing them. I just posted the collection on Wattpad, … More Tanka time


There’s this moment in The Lord of the Rings movies where Elrond is warning Arwen that even if everything she hopes to pass comes true, in the end Aragorn will die and she’ll be left alone, wandering the forest. It’s always been particularly chilling to me as a nerd who read the appendices, I know that he’s right – that’s exactly what happens to her.

And it’s something I’ve been really struggling with lately. This notion of death, of legacy, of sacrifice, and of lives not lived…

More Arwinning

Stand by me, sanshin

The past few years have been a struggle. I started listening to this podcast called “The Hilarious World of Depression,” where they mainly interview famous comedians and authors that have depression or dealt with depression-adjacent issues. One episode, though, was devoted to what fans of the show do to soothe their soul. Or as the … More Stand by me, sanshin

Tsukiyo Revel

I used to have another blog. I really enjoyed writing it and interacting with people. But I was gone from it so long that I feel it’s no longer representative of my life, and I struggled with whether to delete it or keep it. I decided to leave it floating out there, so if you’re … More Tsukiyo Revel